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Sara Gilbert Sound Gallery

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First Contact
Size: 301 kb
Running time: sec.
Darlene meets David. David is called 'Kevin' this first time only! When he came back to the show two seasons later, he was again introduced, only this time as David.

Not in the mood
Size: 159kb
Running time: sec.
Darlene doesn't wants to make out on the sofa. Then she commands David to get the grosseries!. Roseanne returns the favor to Darlene.

Size: 295kb
Running time: 38 sec.
Roseanne apologizes to Darlene for being a pain.

Motherly Speech
Size: 738kb
Running time: 4.12 min.
Roseanne tells Darlene to go to Chicago to study after she heard from David that Darlene will stay, with him, in Lanford.

Girlfriend Talk
Size: 600 kb
Running time: 3.25 min.
Darlene tells Roseanne that she slept with David.

Just Kidding
Size: 143 kb
Running time: 19 sec.
Darlene is kidding her neighbour girl in the trailer underway to Disney World.

Dressed Up!
Size: 92 kb
Running time: 31 sec.
Darlene is dressed up like a girl for a commercial.

First Kiss?!?
Size: 190 kb
Running time: sec.
David tries hitting on Darlene for first time

Phonecall to Al
Size: 172 kb
Running time: 60 sec.
Darlene calls grandpa Al after a visit from her grandmother who recently divorsed him.

Roseanne's Interview
Size: 914 kb
Running time: sec.
Roseanne interviews Sara Gilbert in her Talkshow on 22/11/98.
Thanks to John Morrison. Also the full transcript is available!

Quality Information

Mpeg-2, Layer 3
24Kbps, 16Khz, Stereo

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