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The Roseanne Show

This is a transcript of the interview between Roseanne and Sara as she was unable to make it for the taping. She was in Chicago rehearsing for her next movie "Light it Up". You can also download the complete interview (in MP3 format) at my sound page or you can even watch the interview in Mpeg format if you download it from my video page.
Transcript done by John Morrison

Sara Gilbert appearance on The Roseanne Show (22/11/98)

The Roseanne Show on Friday 22nd November 1998 (screened Friday 27th November in Australia) featured a special reunion episode for the cast of her former sitcom Roseanne. The guests were John Goodman (Dan), Laurie Metcalf (Jackie), Sarah Chalke (Becky - The second actress), Michael Fishman (DJ), Martin Mull (Leon), Fred Willard (Scott) and of course Sara Gilbert (Darlene).

|| Indicates facial expressions and actions etc.
... indicate the person was cut off by someone else talking.
[] indicates locations etc.

It starts with a clip from Roseanne Episode 1.15 (015) Nightmare on Oak Street - 14 Feb 89

[Roseanne, Dan and Darlene are sitting around the Conner's kitchen table]
Darlene: Everyone shut up about nightmares, I didn't have a nightmare.
Roseanne: Well then why then did you have trouble going to sleep?
Dan: What, were you worried about your basketball game?
Darlene: No, I wasn't worried about my basketball game.
Roseanne: Did you screw up in history again Darlene?
Darlene: No, I didn't screw up in history again.
Roseanne: Then what is the matter?
Darlene: |somewhat angry| I got my period OK.
|Darlene thumps table and storms out|

[Cut to Roseanne show stage. Applause. John and Laurie are seated on a big couch like the Conner's old couch, Sarah Chalk and Michael are sitting on chairs behind. Roseanne is in her own chair to the side. A TV is between them]

R: My sitcom family would not be complete without the daughter who had her first period, her first kiss and her first baby in front of millions of viewers. Please welcome via satellite Chicago. Sara Gilbert. [Audience Applause]

|Roseanne turns the TV on, static appears. She fiddles with its antenna, which does nothing. After she thumps it a couple of times Sara appears.|

[Sara is in a plain room with light blue walls. She is wearing a black and gray top and has past shoulder length black hair with a purple fringe]

|Throughout the interview looks down a lot but is constantly smiling|
R: Sara!
S: Hey. |Waves|
R: Sara!
S: |Laughs| Hi Roseanne...
R: Hi. We wish you were hear with us.
S: I know. I wish I was there too.
R: What you doing? Some confounded movie or some stuff?
S: Yeah, I'm doing a movie here in Chicago and they wouldn't let me out.
It was the first day of rehearsal I guess...
R: Well that so nice of them...
S: And I tried to threaten to come there and they told me that they would...
R: Fire you...
S: There was absolutely no way. Yeah.
R: Well we're glad your here. You look real cute. You're on TV.
S: Thank you.
R: Everyone says hi. Tell us what it was like to have to get your period on TV?
[Faint Audience Laughter]
S: Ah... |Laughs|
R: Weren't you really embarrassed about that? You felt bad....
S: Yeah. I, I was really, actually |ahem| pretty mortified about it...
R: |Laughs|
S: It was, |Laughs|, its ah, like, when I heard the clip now, it just, it brings back a lot of memories. I, Can it was already so embarrassing to be a teenager and have to go through all that stuff and then to go through it in front of millions of people like you said, was pretty awful and there's that feeling when you do those shows, like that show or when you have to do your first screen kiss and stuff like that...
R: Right...
S: And you know your about to go to work and that the whole world is going to see you doing that stuff and is going to be judging you and all that kind of stuff so there is that feeling in the pit of your stomach before you show up and that's kkind ahow I felt...
R: Well are you over it now?
S: Not really. |Smiles|
R: |Laughs|
[Audience Laughter]
R: Did it like severely change your life to have to do that?
S: No, I mean in that, I think that it probably freed me up a little bit. You know...
R: Yeah and then um...
S: Can tell how comfortable I am in my tin?
R: |Laughs| And then, um, then um we got Johnny Galecki to play your boyfriend on the show, I didn't know but when we cast him, you know after he came on, tell that story Sara.
S: OK. Ah...
R: |Laughs|
S: |Laughs| Well basically I went to go visit a friend who was working on, ah, the set of the show Blossom...
R: Yeah...
S: And I met this really cute guy there whose name is Johnny and he is an actor who is living in L.A and who was like 15 and he rode a motorcycles and played the bass and I thought he was like this really rebellious kkind aguy, and, and so I kkind afound out all about him and a while later I was talking to you, and, and, you said that you were making a show, some kind of TV movie or something...
R: Yeah...
S: With this kid who was playing your son and his name was Johnny and I was like "oh my god is it Johnny Galecki" and you were like "it is Johnny Galecki" and I was like "oh my god he is so cute, his the cutest. I have to meet him" So I think you kind of set us up at one of your weddings or whatever...
|Laughter by everyone on stage and the audience for about 10 seconds|
S: And ah...
|More laughter still|
S: |Laughs| and we talked a little bit there...
R: Yeah...
S: And ah, and then he ended up being on the show and we dated for, for ah, a split second, a teenage kkind adating thing and then...
R: Now was he was your first on screen kiss, on the show?
S: No I think, |Pauses| No I think you guys had somebody else in there first...
R: |Laughs| Do you feel like, we totally like, made you do all these really horribly uncomfortable teenage things?
S: Yes. Its true...
[Faint Audience Laughter]
R: And tell them how we had that other kid in the pilot...
|John Goodman Laughing|
R: And then you beat him up till the welfare came down and that's how we got Michael.
[Audience Laughter]
S: |Laughs|
R: Tell about that.
S: Well, well I don't really remember it, quite like that. Ah...
R: No. She beat up the little boy whose name was Sal...
S: Sal. Yeah, Sal Brown. That's right. Um I don't know, we didn't get along that well I guess and ah, you know, after the...
R: And they send the child welfare down there to complain...
S: Well I don't remember that part, but they |Laughs| I remember getting some kind of warning from the producers that there would be like a new son that you were getting like which is Michael. and that I was to try to have a health relationship with him.
R: |Laughs|
[Audience Laughter]
S: Which I'm not so good at I guess. |Laughs|
R: Well be back. We're going to take a commercial. Sara you bad, bad, girl you.
[Audience Applause and begin fade out to commercials]
R: What colour is your hair.
[NOTE: Sara says something at this point which is audible on the show. I believe she says "purple"]
R: It looks good.
[NOTE: This word could also possibly be "cute". It was at the end of the fade out]

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