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Sara Gilbert's contact information is not available. We don't know her email address (if she even has one!), her home address or even her agents address. So in short: We can not help you get in contact with her. Maybe if you sign a guestbook on one of Sara's fan pages, she will read it...
She has done it in the past, so the might do it again ;-)
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The Unofficial Sara Gilbert Fan page,

Thank you for visiting my Sara Gilbert Page. I hope you like it.

Although I like most of the cast members from Roseanne I especially liked 'Darlene'. She had some really good lines in the show and as I grown into my teen years, so did she. After some time, I wanted to know more about the actress 'behind' Darlene.
Unfortunetely there wasn't a single page with all the information. So I collected the information myself and put it on a simple website. After a few months there was enough information to call it a real fansite. Over the years I spend a few days a year updating the site to keep it current. If you have any information that might be useful to me please let me know.

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