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Last updated: 11th April 2000

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Welcome to! Our guest tonight is Sara Gilbert here to discuss her new film "Light It Up". and Talk City, welcome you to todays chat with Emmy nominated actress Sara Gilbert, star of the new Fox film "Light It Up" which is currently in theatres.

Send in your questions for Sara about her amazing career which includes directing and producing and her upcoming films. "The Big Tease" and "High Fidelity" with John Cusack. Please welcome, Sara Gilbert!

Thank you for being with us tonight Sara.

Sara Gilbert : I'm very happy to be here and thank you everybody for signing on!

Tina : Sara... did you always want to be an actor? And how did you get started?
Sara Gilbert : Yeah, I started when I was 6 years old. My brother and sister would get all of these presents at Christmas time from the cast and crew of their show and I was jealous. So I decided that I had to become an actor.

Wendy : What has been your favorite project?
Sara Gilbert : I guess my favorite project was ironically, a pilot that I did that didn't get picked up. It was called "The Next Big Thing". It was my favorite because I was the star.

Nicky : Do your prefer acting, directing or producing?
Sara Gilbert : It depends, really, on my connection to the project.

Steffy : Did you act while you went to Yale?
Sara Gilbert : Yes, I did. I flew back and forth and did episodes of Roseanne while I was at Yale.

Lou : Do you miss being on television?
Sara Gilbert : Yes, I do.

Manolis Varnas : Sara do you like comedy or drama most and why?
Sara Gilbert : I like both, but there is something about comedy that is like so incredible--I don't know--there's something that I really respond to with comedy.

Manolis Varnas : Sara what is your new movie all about and who do you play in the film?
Sara Gilbert : The movie is about a bunch of high school students who take over a school. I play "Lynn", who is a kind of punk rock, rebellious, pregnant high school student.

Blueyes : This movie is very provocative, what do you want people to get from this film ?
Sara Gilbert : I guess that I would hope that people are moved emotionally and intellectually.

Kellie : Do you still keep in touch with all of your cast mates from "Roseanne?"
Sara Gilbert : No, but I keep in touch with a couple of them. I'm close friends with Johnny Galeki and I see Roseanne all the time.

Toby : Was it hard growing up on television?
Sara Gilbert : No. It was just different probably, but it is hard for me to say, because it is all I know.

Apple4568 : Sara can you relate to your character on Roseanne?
Sara Gilbert : Yeah. Especially when you play a character for so many years, the character ends up reflecting a lot of who you are and I think I've changed a lot since then, but that represented a lot of who I was as a teenager.

Krijgsman : You wrote an episode of 'Roseanne' (Don't make me over) Have you other plans in the future to do more writing work?
Sara Gilbert : Yes. I actually wrote a couple of pilots last year. One sold to ABC and one sold to CBS. One was about a kid in boarding school. It was called "Even The Losers". It was about a group of rejects in high school. The other one was a pilot that I wrote with Cindy Moore that was for me and it was about being a young published writer who is also a housewife in the valley.

Val : When will "Even the Losers" be on the air?
Sara Gilbert : Never. Neither one was picked up.

Hachiman : Hi there. My question : Is there a life after Roseanne?
Sara Gilbert : Nope. :-)

Carry : What are some of your hobbies and interests?
Sara Gilbert : I like music. I like photography. I like movies. I like macramae.

SaraFan : What was it like working with Roseanne all those years?
Sara Gilbert : It was great. I love working with Roseanne. She has a great spirit. She is really spontaneous and kind of fun. And she is caring.

Riki : What movie, CD or game would you like to receive this year for the holidays?
Sara Gilbert : Maybe it would be cool to have "Rushmore". I like that movie. I'd like to have Deluxe Scrabble.

Manolis Varnas : Are you any related to Melissa Gilbert?
Sara Gilbert : Yes. She is my sister.

Dean : What is the best thing about being an actress? The worst thing?
Sara Gilbert : The best thing about being an actress is getting good concert tickets :-) The worst thing is signing autographs in the middle of eating.

Apple4568 : What causes do you support?
Sara Gilbert : I support PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals APLA, Aids Project Los Angeles and Pediatric Aid Foundation

Krijgsman : Do you ever have the time to watch TV? And if you do, what are your favorite series?
Sara Gilbert : I like that show "Sex and the City", and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and anything on The Learning Channel that has to do with science

SeaEssay : Have you ever dated anybody that you have worked with in the movies or anything acting type set?
Sara Gilbert : Yes, as a matter of fact I have :-) I dated Johnny Galecki before he was even on Roseanne.

David Zee : What do you think of Janeane Garofalo? her humor reminds me a little bit of yours.
Sara Gilbert : I have heard that before and I think that she is great.

David Zee : Do you like playing parts where the character is very sarcastic or worldly?
Sara Gilbert : I'd like to do more stuff with less sarcasm. I'd like to break some of the type-casting. I guess I could do it by doing smaller films. Actually, I have done it a little bit. I've done a few movies this year where I play characters that aren't sarcastic. One is called "High Fidelity" and one is called "Big Cheese"

Blueyes : With all the copycatting with movies, do you worry about what this movie might lead to ?
Sara Gilbert : No, I don't really believe in that. I feel like there is just as much violent programming in other countries and there is not the same incidence of factors.I think there are other factors contributing to violence in this country and not the media.

Pure_xtc79 : I just wanted to say i love your acting your a funny gal and i love you well not in that you like making the movie Poison Ivy
Sara Gilbert : Yes. I loved making that movie. I loved the cast and I loved the director, Kat.

Eulogy19 : Sara, hi how are you, do you have any plans on returning to Television?
Sara Gilbert : I think I might actually return to television. I'm just looking into some projects right now.

Poundpup : Did you find that after playing Darlene for so long that you took on her personality?
Sara Gilbert : I know that I want to do something that has both elements of comedy and drama and I know that I want to do a project that is film versus tape. No, I feel like my personality probably influenced the character, more than the character influenced me.

Krijgsman : Do you know when we (people in Europe) can go to the cinema and watch the movie?
Sara Gilbert : I have no idea. You might be able to find out where it will be released in Europe at the fox website.

Manolis Varnas : Sara what interest you most to play in this movie?
Sara Gilbert : I wanted to work with Babyface and Forrest Whitaker.

Loki1 : What was the atmosphere like filming your latest movie?
Sara Gilbert : The last movie I filmed was High Fidelty, and it was about 110 degrees, so that was the focus. For Light It Up, it was actually in the same city. Both were in Chicago. And it was like 30 below. I don't understand how anyone lives in that city :-)

Pokied : What got you in to acting?
Sara didn't answer this question..... (proberly because she already aswered a simular question above)

Lilly : Do you have any regrets about becoming an actress?
Sara Gilbert : Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have some anononimity. I wouldn't change it. I wouldn't give up my career. But I just wonder what it would be like to be able to go places without people recognizing me.

Joanne : Was it hard to go to University and keep up with you acting career at the same time?
Sara Gilbert : Not anymore. :-) No, a
ctually it wasn't too bad. I like that kind of frantic schedule. It makes me feel like I have a purpose.

Hachiman : Was it hard to you to let your familie behind and went to Yale?
Sara Gilbert : Yes and No. I guess it's time. By the time you go to college, you are pretty eager to be free, but I missed my family.....yeah :-)

Eulogy : Hello again sara, I just wanted to say its pretty cool you took some time out to talk to your fans and hey I love yah!
Sara Gilbert : AWW. That's so cool. Thank you!

Lilaeka : do you have any favorite sports?
Sara Gilbert : Yes. I like women's basketball - WNBA.

Charity : who is your dream leading man ?
Sara Gilbert : Toby Maguire.

Martin : What do you think of the Internet? Do you web surf?
Sara Gilbert : I did when I was in college. I think it is pretty amazing but I need to set up my computer again. I probably shouldn't admit that to a group of internet users :-)

SeaEssay : What do you think about these internet chat rooms? Pretty cool being able to chat live with your
Sara Gilbert : Very cool!

Hachiman : What do you think about all the Websites about you ?
Sara Gilbert : You know, I wasn't too familiar with them until last night, when a friend of mine called me and started reading things to me off the internet. It's pretty amazing that people are interested in me like that.

Bobi : Where is the most interesting location you have ever filmed ?
Sara Gilbert : I guess in the small towns in Georgia. It was like kind of stepping back in time or something. They were segregated.

Sara Gilbert : And I now have the URL for information on the movie. It is:

DeeDee : Was it a culture shock to go to Yale? Was it very different from what you have known? Sara Gilbert : Yes, it was really different. When I first got there, I felt older than the other students because I had been running around Hollywood and I had taken a year off of high school. I thought I was a "bad ass" wild child. So, it took me some time to drop those judgements.

Writer : You've written quite a bit... do you have any plans to write a book? (And what do you like to read btw?) Sara Gilbert : I like Truman Capote. And I probably will write a little bit more. I pretty much only write by default, because I want to make certain projects so instead of trying to wait and find them, I create them, but I'm not really a writer. You know what you are best at, and writing is just not my thing, but I like it. It's not the same passion that I have for acting or directing, though. It's like a game so I think it's fun.

Lilaeka : How were you schooled when you were doing the show?
littleone : What do you like to do when you aren't working... is there some down time thing you really like to do?
Sara Gilbert : I was schooled in a little room with a teacher and one other student, who was Lecy, who played my sister. I like going to New York. I like the galleries and the theatre and the restaurants and bars and music. I think that city is more alive than Los Angeles. But I like LosAngeles.

H8Male : Loved your character on Roseanne's show. But, did you like being so 'world weary'?
Sara Gilbert : I like being any strong character I guess, as long as there is something definite to play. It makes it more fun to be an actress.

Lilly : What advice do you give to someone that wants to get into acting? Do you ever regret getting into it?
Sara Gilbert : No, I don't regret it. I would tell somebody that if they are truly passionate about it, that they should pursue it. You could start by getting involved in theatre. A good place to start initially would be school plays.

Mellificent : I always wondered: did you and your "brother" on the Roseanne show get into any sibling-rivalry-type-stuff on the set that was NOT scripted? Like what?
Sara Gilbert : No, I think he was so much younger that I was. But in the pilot, there was a boy that played my brother that was replaced after the pilot, and we fought a lot, so before Michael Fishman came and played my brother, Roseanne said that Charles Welfare warned me that I had to be nice to my new brother. But I don't remember that.

Chara : could you tell me how you got the part of Darlene on "Roseanne?"
Sara Gilbert : When mom was working at an agency, and she called me up and she said "there's this part" and it's at the end of casting, but you weren't submitted but I think you are perfect for me. She set it up for me and I read for them and I wore my basketball jersey and they also must have thought I was good for the part, so I got it.

Fafhrd : Do you feel that you got type-cast as the "bad girl" or "marginal attitude" character from the time on Roseanne?
Sara Gilbert : I think that is something that I've got to resist, but I think it happens to every actor.

Krijgsman : When and why became you an vegitarian? And is it true that for this same reason that 'Darlene' (your character on Roseanne) became vegitarian?
Sara Gilbert : I became a vegetarian because I was active in animal rights. And then Darlene became a vegetarian after I was a vegetarian. I became a vegetarian when I was about 14, and then a year ago, I started eating seafood a little bit.

Lilaeka : how hard was it to get cast as "Darlene" in roseanne?
Sara didn't answer this question..... (proberly because she already aswered a simular question above)

Charlemagne : Faced with tough choices, your character Darlene seemed to do okay. Did you get creative input into how Darlene would deal with stuff? Sara Gilbert : Usually I left that up to the writers. Once in a while if there was a line or something that I didn't like, I would let them know and they were always pretty open to our input.

JustSporty : What was it like when Roseanne finally came to a close after so long?
Sara Gilbert : It was really sad. And it made me kind of have to re-define my life.

Krijgsman : In an interview a couple of years ago you told the reporter that you hated smoking but when you where one Yale, someone reported that he had seen you smoking and in Roseanne there was a period where 'Darlene' smoked. Do you, or have you ever, smoked?
Sara Gilbert : I used to smoke, yes. But I haven't smoked in about 2 and 1/2 years.

DReadLocke : Do you have a philosophy that keeps you going when things get weird? What is it?
Sara Gilbert : It's that everything is in place and everything is at it should be.

CheckOut : Sara, it looks like out time is running out for tonight. Is there something you would like to say before we sign off for the evening?

Sara Gilbert : Just that I thank everybody for coming and supporting me and for sigining on to this chat session.

Thank you Sara, for joining and Talk City.
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