About Sara Gilbert

Personal Information

Birth date January 29, 1975
Birthplace Santa Monica, CA.
Marital Status Romantic Partnership with Allison Adler
Children Levi Hank, born june 2005
Sawyer, born 14th August 2007
Occupation Actress
Education Art Degree at Yale University (Graduated with honors - 1997)
Height 5'1" (1993)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green

Work and Appearances

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Charities Sara Supports

  PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Pediatric Aid Foundation
Meals on Wheels
Freedom Of Speech
APLA- Aids Project Los Angeles
Animal Rights


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Online Yahoo! chat (12/11/99)
SHOUT (01/11/99)
PlayBoy Interview (28/10/99)
The Roseanne Show (22/11/98)
Entertainment Weekly (28/05/97)
Entertainment Weekly (21/04/95)
People Magazine (08/06/92)
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1994 Nominated for Emmy;
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series ("Roseanne")
1993 Nominated for Emmy;
for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series ("Roseanne")
Nominated for Independent Spirit Award;
for Best Supporting Female for: Poison Ivy (1992)
Won the Young Artist Award;
for Outstanding Young Comedienne in a Television Series
1992 Won the Young Artist Award;
for Outstanding Young Comedienne in a Television Series
1991 Won the Young Artist Award;
for Outstanding Young Comedienne in a Television Series
1990 Nominated for Young Artist Award;
for Best Young Actress Supporting Role in a Television Series


  Sara is a sister of Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls on the TV series Little House on the Prairie. After doing some small actress work she became famous as Darlene Conner in the TV-Series "Roseanne". During these series, Sara not only played several roles in different (TV) movies she also was nominated for two Emmy Awards for her role as Darlene. That role was so important to the show that the producers decided to changed the storyline in such a way that Sara could still play her character while she attended to Yale during the last two seasons of the show. Sara graduated with honors on an Art Degree.

Sara does a lot of charity work. She became an vegetarian when she was in her teens. During her teens, at the age of seventeen, Sara also had a nose job. While Sara was seen with lots of, very hansom, men there never was a record of a real boyfriend. Leonardo DiCaprio was once mentioned as her 'steady' boyfriend - she spent New Year's Eve 1997 with him and other friends at the trendy South Beach nightclub Bash, which is owned by Sean Penn - but in an interview with PlayBoy Magazine, Sara says:"He's a friend of mine. We've been friends for years and years" when she was asked about Leo.

After Roseanne, Sara continued her career in Hollywood as an actress. Until this day she plays roles in Theater production, independent movies, Motion Pictures and TV Series.
She has proven to be more then a very tallented actress, she also had written an episode of "Roseanne" and did some directing work as well.
In several interviews where she was asked what kind of work she prefers she answered that she liked doing both, just because directing asks to much of a personal sacrafise, she wants to wait untill she finds a project she is willing to give 100 percent.

In december 2004 Sara announced that her partner Allison Adler gave birth to a baby boy. Untill this announcement there was not much known about Sara's private life. For most people this news was the first acknowledgement that Sara was a lesbian.
Her son, Levi Hank, was given birth by Allison. Sara was however pregnant of her daughter.
Both are equally involved by raising their children Sara mentioned in an interview shortly after Sawyer was born.


  There are a lot of rumors and so called facts about Sara that are not true. Below are some.
MacMahon In the past, just before the new millenium, Sara's real name was claimed to be "Rebecca Sara Mac Mahon", even IMDB.com published that as her name. The Unofficial Sara Gilbert Fanpage was the first page that mentioned her real name: "Sara Abeless". Another fanpage, currently unavailable, has proved this fact and since then most websites have updated their information.
Two Sara's? The name Sara Gilbert is not unique. Sara shares her name with a lot of people, some of which are also in the public eye. One is a writer and another is also an actress. This makes confirming news about the correct Sara Gilbert sometimes very hard.
Married? Old rumours claimed that Sara is married to LaTanya Richardson, a very silly claim that is simply not true.


Partner Allison Adler;
TV-Series writer and birthmother for Levi Hank.
Children Levi Hank;
Boy, born June 2005 Sawyer;
Girl, born 14th August 2007
Grandfather Harry Crane;
Screen writer. Wrote and created the series The Honeymooners
Grandmother Julia Crane;
Dancer, former Miss Brooklyn
Father Harold Abeles;
Mother Barbara Crane;
Manager, Producer. Married and divored to Paul Gilbert who was an actor.
Siblings Melissa Gilbert;
Her half sister, they have the same mother, is also an actress. She played Laura Ingalls on the TV series Little House on the Prairie and is still active as an actress.

Jonathan Gilbert;
Her half brother, they have the same mother, Jonathan was also an actor. He also played on the TV series Little House on the Prairie; as Willie Oleson.
In 2003 it was reported that Jonathan was a stockbroker.