Sara Gilbert Picture Gallery

Just a few screenshots from the pilot of "Twins"
Total of 11 pictures.

$30 (Thirty Bucks)
Just a few pictures from the movie "$30"
Total of 4 pictures.

Light It Up
Just a few pictures from the movie "Light It up". Taken from the original Light It Up web page at
Total of 9 pictures.

Misc. Pictures
The pictures in this section came from the web. First I just placed links to them because there weren't much pages that had Sara pics. As of November 1999 I placed all the pictures I found over the last years in this section. Please note that the pictures are not taken/captured by myself so you can find dublicates on other pages; a good change I made a copy from them and not the other way around ;-)
Total of 17 pictures.

Roseanne Interview
Taken from the interview with "Roseanne"
Total of 6 pictures.

Sudie & Simpson
Taken from the movie "Sudie and Simpson"

Total of 23 pictures.

Roseanne; Darlene Conner-Healy
Taken from the TV-Series "Roseanne"
Only Darlene Conner(!)
Total of 39 pictures.

Roseanne; Darlene Conner and David Healy
Taken from the Tv-Series "Roseanne"

Darlene and David only (!)
Total of 8 pictures.

Roseanne; Darlene Conner-Healy & others
Taken from the TV-Series "Roseanne"

Total of 7 pictures.